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The Art of Wine

My Daughter


My professional life has certainly taken me through many different twists and turns. I was born and raised in Chicago, but always had dreams of moving out West. I graduated with a degree in Journalism and went on to work for a couple large brand research and consulting companies. After nearly a decade of working in corporate America, I switched gears and have been doing marketing and PR for a well-known British furniture designer at his West Hollywood studio. Fortunately my diverse background has allowed me to write for newspapers, contribute to blogs, write detailed client proposals and executive level reports, and author press releases and correspondence with major magazines worldwide – all while keeping a personal journal to chronicle my life’s crazy adventures. While I’ve enjoyed my professional career immensely, my main goal moving forward is to create more balance in my life and focus on the passions nearest and dearest to my heart…writing, travel, spending time in nature, and wine. While I don’t claim to be a famed wine critic like Robert Parker nor can I always decipher the slightest nuances of grass, smoke, black pepper or fresh strawberry without a moment of hesitation, I’ve continually built my palate over the nearly 20 years I’ve been drinking wine, and recognize the process of studying and exploring wine as a life long journey. Wine Related Credentials:* JWE – Junior Wine Executive

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Salwater (original edit) Chicane w/Maire Brennan

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